NEILS OUTREACH - Nurses Educating on Illegal Drugs & Synthetics Presentation

November 29, 2018

Jerri Pharr and Charlie Williams from NEIDS ( Nurses Educating on Illegal Drugs & Synthetics) Outreach gave an informative presentation on illegal and synthetic drugs to FHS/FJHS. Jerri and Charlie explained what synthetic marijuana is and how it works. They describe how drugs effect your body and some of the symptons. They told personal stories about how drugs impact their lives being a trauma nurse in the emergency room at UMC in Lubbock. NEIDS mission is to provide education to the public on health risks and hazards of harmful drugs. The public can follow NEIDS on their website and Facebook.

website: www.umcneids.com

FaceBook: UMC’s NEIDS 

Texas Education Commissioner Morath announces school districts earning postsecondary readiness distinction

Commissioner of Education Mike Morath announced today that 61 school districts and district charters across the state received a distinction designation for postsecondary readiness as part of their 2018 state accountability rating. The postsecondary readiness distinction is the only distinction designation at the district level under the state accountability system.

The postsecondary readiness distinction takes into account factors such as graduation rates, ACT/SAT participation and performance, Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates, and dual-credit course completion rates. Districts and district charters earning a rating of A, B, C or D were eligible for the postsecondary readiness distinction.

Congratulations to Floydada High school for being one of the 61 schools across the state receiving the distinction for postsecondary readiness as a part of the schools 2018 accountability rating. The teachers and administrators should be commended for the hard work and dedication they show to the students of our community.