FISD Online registration is OPEN!

You will need to set up a Parent Portal account if you do not already have one or if you are new to the district.  If you have a child in the district currently, even if they are at a different school, you can simply add another child to your account.  You do NOT have to set up a new account.  Log into your account and add a student.  There should be 1 account per family.  Creating an account cannot be on the mobile app and must be done through a web browser.    

Follow the instructions below to set up a NEW account if you do not have one currently:

  *You WILL need an email account that is easily accessible to set up this account. *  

1.) Go to

2.)Choose the Menu option at the top of the page.

3.)Scroll down under the information tab and select Parental Portal.

4.)If you are setting up a new account, click here under “New TxConnect User?” OR IF you are NEW to the district, click here under “Have a New Student?”

5.). Follow instructions on the screen. 

6.)  If you are NEW to the district, take Birth Certificate, SS Card, Immunization Record, and any previous school information you may have to the Registrar/PEIMS Clerk’s Office.  

7.)  Once information has been verified by PEIMS Clerk, you will need to follow the steps outlined below.  They will give you the Portal ID at that time.   

8.) If you are just setting up a new account (your child has previously been enrolled in FISD), please contact the school for your child’s Portal ID

 9.) PROCEED to Steps 5-7 below

 ALL students returning to our district will need to register online this year. Follow the instructions below to register your child for this coming school year:

1.)Go to

2.)Choose the Menu option at the top of the page.

3.)Scroll down under the information tab and select Parent Portal.

4.)Log into Parent Portal using your log in information.  (If you have forgotten information, you can recover that on this page as well.)

5.)Once in the portal, the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen should have 2019-2020 Registration.  You should see all of your students that are enrolled within the district listed. All forms that need attention will be listed.

6.)You will need to choose each student and update their information.

7.)If you need to add a student, you will need to go to My Account and enter the PORTAL ID and date of birth under the ADD or REMOVE A STUDENT.  This is also where you will enroll a new student (if they are NEW to the district).

** Please note there will be a small number of paper documents that will be given to you or your child to be filled out and returned to your child’s campus**

Please contact us at (806) 983-5332, Duncan, and (806) 983-2340, High School/Jr High, if you have any questions. We are excited to meet you!