Way to go BPA!

We had a great day yesterday at regional BPA in Amarillo! 

1st place Small Business Mgt team. Allison Orr, Allison Muniz and Kiana Brown 

1st place website team. Kylie Ricketts, Gabe Delafuente and Azalea Garza. 

 2nd place Website Team. Brandy green and Josh Dehoyos 

 3rd place Admin Support team. Luke Holcombe, Ryder Glass, Dylan Ramos and Jody Briones  

1st place Desktop Publishing Azalea Garza 

1st place PC Servicing Jose Lira 

1st place Presentation Yelena Serrato 

1st place Personal Financial Mgt Clarissa Delafuente  

1st place Computer Network Anthony Suarez  

2nd place Advanced Office Kylie Ricketts 

2nd place Database Allison Orr  

2nd place Banking and Finance Allison Muniz 

2nd place Legal Office Audrie Strange 

2nd place Medical Office Luke Holcombe 

2nd place Extemporaneous Speech Brandy Green 

2nd place Personal Financial Mgt Brandon Marquez  

2nd place Network Admin using Microsoft Dylan Ramos  

2nd place Admin Support Emily Cisneros  

2nd place Spreadsheet Ryder Glass 

2nd place Basic Office Izel Pacheco 

2nd place Payroll Accounting Lindsey Marquez 

3rd place Payroll Accounting Gabe Delafuente  

3rd place Keyboarding Kimberlee Ramirez 

3rd place Advanced Office Garrett Hobbs 

3rd place Medical office Ethien Rodriguez  

3rd place Network Adium using Microsoft Kiarra Collins  

4th place Database Jody Briones 

4th place Business Law and Ethics Kiana Brown 

4th place Banking and Finance Holley Monroe

And Yelena Serrato was elected regional president!